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The owner, Joelene Wahlberg, started by helping out a few friends with their personal computers in 1993.

As her knowledge grew, she got a reputation among her co-workers as the person to call for computer help.

She's worked for Microsoft, the United States Air Force as a contractor, and the State of Minnesota Judicial Branch.

Over the years, she's watched computer and customer service nosedive, with bad customer service and idiotic recommendations.  After becoming completely disgusted with the prices others charge for computer service, Joelene decided to start her own computer service agency, assisting clients with all of their computer needs.

Joelene is A+ certified, which means she's certified by the Computer Trade and Industry Association to work on IBM-compatible computers (yours!).  She is self-taught, and has worked her way up the computer knowledge scale by dint of hard work and hands-on experience.  She knows enough to never say she knows it all.

As computers have become more and more popular, they are now in every home. It's become even more important for computer owners to find quality affordable service. Many may consider a computer to be a disposable thing, one you can toss at the first sign of trouble - but because we've got so many computers in our lives, our landfills can't handle the overflow, and it's a wise move to help save our planet by doing your part to save your computer and keep it going as long as it's financially viable.

Harmony PC has helped over 600 satisfied customers with their computer needs.



Updated 08/03/2017

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